Wedding Rings and Engagement Rings


The average price of an engagement ring is about $4000 but it can cost way more than this amount. Selecting the best of wedding rings should not be done on the basis of price but rather quality. There are several online stores in Europe that sell jewelry. The question now becomes how to make sure you buy the best ring you can and avoid substandard rings.

Diamond rings are really expensive and I would advise a client to settle for alternatives like sapphires, emeralds or pearls. It is most likely that you will find 0.95 carats online jewellery. Before purchasing a ring you should research on it so that you click the buy key with confidence. Research on methods that can be used to ascertain quality and tell apart a real gem from a fake one. If the ring is a diamond, verify what it scores on grade setting determiner.

In selecting the best engagement ring, shape matters most. This is the geometry of the stone not the angle of facets. Before buying that engagement rings canada, make sure she will love it. Spy and learn her style from friends or family. Consider the variety of metals to choose from. It could be platinum, gold or an alloy. Gold comes in different colors including green but I suggest you go for a mixture of platinum and gold. Another option is using a recycled metal band. The concept of “something old” “something new” all in one.

As the stone holds a big share of the price, request for a loupe (hand held magnifier) to view the ring with guidance of jeweler. Make sure you don’t overstretch your budget and land in major debt. The most important thing to consider of all is where to buy the ring. Start with recommendations from friends. Shop only in stores or sites that are accredited by the Gemological Institute of America. Find out the store’s return policy if she fails to like it.

Request the ring to be engraved during order as most take up to seven weeks to be delivered. If you opt to buy a diamond ring one carat or larger, make sure you accompany it with a diamond-grading report issued by a trusted gemological association such as the one mentioned above.  It will often necessitate you get a finger print of your ring on the bill of sale. Take note of anything that affects the value of the ring from it being an antique or custom-designed.

You can also send your partner a ring gallery to choose from. They get recommendations here and will surely hint you on the best ring to buy.a


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